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[Accepted] Noah iz ere - Ingame Moderator Application Empty [Accepted] Noah iz ere - Ingame Moderator Application

Post by Noah iz ere on Sat Feb 06, 2010 5:50 pm

~Some Information about you~
I am soon to be 14, don't let my age decieve you, I have been working with runescape since I was 7 and I am a very expirenced person with things such as these...I have been staff on many servers such as...
Location: United States.
Time spent on LegionPkz Daily:
Game just started today, but if it's anything like Evans past work then I would probibally be very active and be what many call...A no-lifer..I would be very active and probibally a good pick for an in-game moderator, I would not
You understand if you Abuse your Powers, you will be demoted and Banned from LegionPkz forums and Ingame?
Yes, I understand and if I am caugh abusing powers you should ip-ban me for my inapropriate behavior and the abuse I ha
(N/A at the moment, not enought players.)
List the players who recommend you to Apply for In-Game Moderator.

Questions 1-5, Answer these following Questions in Complete Sentences:

Question 1)What do you plan to do as a In-Game Moderator here at LegionPkz?

Answer: Well, I plan to be active and help with the server, such as plan events...If anyone breaks rules after a warning I would probibally not be the nice guy of the situation.

Question 2)When someone gets in a Fight with another player about being scammed, what will your reaction be?

Answer) I ask who did it, investigate a little bit...Ask others if they saw anything then come to conclusion if they are lying for free stuff or not...I would never only ask their friends because they are friends with the victom, of course they would say they where scammed, I would ask surrounding citizens of LegionPkz, I would be a good staff and do what I could to get their stuff back if they where telling the truth and then jail the person who scammed until an administrator got on to talk to the person who scammed the victom of the scam.

Question 3)When you Jail,Mute,Ban,Ipmute,Ipban someone on the Server, you will keep pictures of the reasons why this Power took place? (Yes/No Question)

Answer) Yes, I would not want to be accused of an abuse of power so I would take screen shots of what I am doing and post on the site along with the details in which took place to prove that what ever the person did is deserved for what they got.

Question 4)When you see a Big rule being taken place, what will your reactions be and why this reaction?

Answer) I will react in a good or bad way, depending on which Big rule is being placed into the setting of what is happening, I would be good or bad depending on the situation.

Essay Question)Why are you Applying for In-Game Moderator on LegionPkz and Explain Why you would make a Good In-Game Moderator here at LegionPkz?
Name:Noah Brehm Date:2/06/10
Why you should pick me...

Why should you pick me?I will tell you...I am 13 years old and I live in Texas, I am very expirenced with Java and I am currently working on a project to make my own server, very unsuccessful as I can not port forward with this computer, I am very will trained to work with people as my mother raised me, I am a very enthusiactic person and I am usually online, I basically don't have a life and in this case is a good thing because in a server you need that one strong mod to be there for you when you are away, I want to be that border that holds up your server while you can not be online...I will be there for you in your time of need and in return I expect respect from you and others as I will do the same for you.

I am a very nice person, expirenced, as I said up before I am expirenced with servers and I want to help yours reach for the top, I understand if you do not want to pick me because of my age, but the real thing you should be looking for is character, and I have much character, I am currently taking 3 computer classes in my 7th grade class, one being Java coding, I am very will organized and I do not easily get upset so you can expect the very best out of me, thank you for your time and thank you for reading this far in my application which will probibally not be accepted, but I am hoping you look by the age and read it, if you choose me I am sure you will be very impressed with my well behavior and my attitude toward others, if you wish to ask me other things just send me a pm or send me an email which can be sent to:
noah.brehm@ymail.com, thank you for your time and have a nice day.

Sinceraly, Noah iz ere
Noah iz ere
Noah iz ere

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[Accepted] Noah iz ere - Ingame Moderator Application Empty Re: [Accepted] Noah iz ere - Ingame Moderator Application

Post by Boop on Sat Feb 06, 2010 6:07 pm

[Accepted] Noah iz ere - Ingame Moderator Application Search Your Moderator application is under review.
[Accepted] Noah iz ere - Ingame Moderator Application Shield007 Phase 1 Complete: Your password is secure.
[Accepted] Noah iz ere - Ingame Moderator Application Chat73 Phase 2 Complete: We have discussed your position.
[Accepted] Noah iz ere - Ingame Moderator Application Check Accepted

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