[Denied] Matt's - Ingame Moderator Application

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[Denied] Matt's - Ingame Moderator Application Empty [Denied] Matt's - Ingame Moderator Application

Post by Matt on Tue Feb 09, 2010 3:58 pm

.:: In-Game Moderator Application ::.

(Copy and Paste this whole Thread when Applying or you will be Automatically Denied)

Title of your Application must be as Followed: Name - Ingame Moderator Application (Example: Evan - Ingame Moderator Application)

Some Information about you
Age:_17_ (Must be Above 15 Years or older to Apply)
Location:____Usa_____ (Just the Country for Security Reasons)
Time spent on LegionPkz Daily:__will be like 4 hrs_ (Hour Based)
You understand if you Abuse your Powers, you will be demoted and Banned from LegionPkz forums and Ingame?___yes__

List the players who recommend you to Apply for In-Game Moderator.
Recommendations (List them below, Requirement is 6. The more the better)
5)idk i dont ask lika stalker -,0
6)..... people like me deal with it

Answer these following Questions in Complete Sentences.

Question 1)What do you plan to do as a In-Game Moderator here at LegionPkz? My plan is to help evan as much as possible with my expericence in this gameing

Question 2)When someone gets in a Fight with another player about being scammed, what will your reaction be? Take them aside and get both sides of the picture then make a decision and if i cant talk and advise with a other mod or admin

Question 3)When you Jail,Mute,Ban,Ipmute,Ipban someone on the Server, you will keep pictures of the reasons why this Power took place? (Yes/No Question)yes, :note= If it is in the knick of time i may not be able to but if i can i will

Question 4)When you see a Big rule being taken place, what will your reactions be and why this reaction? Depending on the rule being broken either ban,mute,and if necesarry ip ban or mute. but again only if it is necesarry.

Essay Question)Why are you Applying for In-Game Moderator on LegionPkz and Explain Why you would make a Good In-Game Moderator here at LegionPkz? (2 Paragraph Essay, ESSAY FORMAT)
As a x-mod for evan i feel that i work well with people and realy enjoy helping my friend and people who arent as lucky to be my friends but yes, i love evans works and all that he has done so i belive i would be a good moderator.
I think that Noah iz ere and i are a great team and i love to work with that kid hes great to be with and me and him will be extreamly trust worthy as you may know

Thank you, ps: ile tell u nicoles adress after Smile

NOTE: If a Staff Member believes your Essay is incorrect or in wrong Format, you will be given 2 hours to fix it. If it isn't fixed within the 2 hours, you will be Denied.

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[Denied] Matt's - Ingame Moderator Application Empty Re: [Denied] Matt's - Ingame Moderator Application

Post by Boop on Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:03 pm

[Denied] Matt's - Ingame Moderator Application Search Your Moderator application is under review.
[Denied] Matt's - Ingame Moderator Application Shield007 Phase 1 Complete: Your password is secure.
[Denied] Matt's - Ingame Moderator Application Chat7 Phase 2 Complete: We have discussed your position.
[Denied] Matt's - Ingame Moderator Application Uncheck Denied, Please wait a week before applying again.

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