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Post by Backspace on Tue Feb 09, 2010 12:25 pm

.:: Forum Moderator Application ::.

(Copy and Paste this whole Thread when Applying or you will be Automatically Denied)

Title of your Application must be as Followed: Name - Forum Moderator Application (Example: Evan - Forum Moderator Application)

Some Information about you
Age: 13 Hopefully an acception can be made. (Must be Above 15 Years or older to Apply)
Location: United States (Just the Country for Security Reasons)
Time spent on LegionPkz Forums:3 Hours (Hour Based)
Reputation:____ (All your Reputation Points from LegionPkz)
You understand if you Abuse your Powers, you will be demoted and Banned from RiseX Forums and Ingame? Yes, of course.

*You must be registered on the forums for at least 2 weeks before making an application.

List the players who recommend you to Apply for Forum Moderator.
Recommendations (List them below, Requirement is 6. The more the better)
1) The Owner

Answer these following Questions in Complete Sentences.

Question 1)What do you plan to do as a Forum Moderator here at LegionPkz? I plan to moderate the members who do not accept being normal. The ones who don't fully understand the forum rules. I know what to do. I have tons of Moderating Experience. I know Spaz.

Question 2)When someone starts to spam the Forums with advertisement, what will your reaction be? Automatic Ban, if they're a bot. If they've been a Forum Member for some time, it will be a ban. The time of the ban depends on how the way they spammed. But if it's Definately a bot, Permanent Ban.

Question 3)When you Infract someone on the forums, you will keep pictures of the reasons why this Infraction took place? (Yes/No Question) Yes

Question 4)When you see a Big rule being taken place on the forums, what will your reactions be and why this reaction? I would have a nice firm talk with the person who broke the rule, give them an infraction, or possibly a ban.

Essay Question)Why are you Applying for Forum Moderator on LegionPkz and Explain Why you would make a Good Forum Moderator here at LegionPkz? (3 Paragraph Essay, ESSAY FORMAT)

Bottom of the page

NOTE: If a Staff Member believes your Essay is incorrect or in wrong Format, you will be given 2 hours to fix it. If it isn't fixed within the 2 hours, you will be Denied..

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Why am I applying for Moderator here, at LegionPKZ

I am applying here at LegionPKZ for one reason, I KNOW I can help. I love moderating Forums. When I grow up, I'm going to need a job nearly 24/7. I cannot sit in one area for a certain amount of time.
I'm quite smart with computers. I do graphics. I code HTML. I'm easy to get along with, and easy to get on the bad side of. I may be a bit young, but I have tons of Moderating Experience.
I've moderated a good 15 forums back in my day (I'm only 13). And I see this forum becomming big in the future just because of the way it's set up. The Administrators are good here, as well.
I wanna help.
I know a lot.
And I can make a difference, here at LegionPKZ.


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[Denied] Backspace Forums - Moderator Application Empty Re: [Denied] Backspace Forums - Moderator Application

Post by Boop on Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:03 pm

[Denied] Backspace Forums - Moderator Application Search Your Moderator application is under review.
[Denied] Backspace Forums - Moderator Application Shield007 Phase 1 Complete: Your password is secure.
[Denied] Backspace Forums - Moderator Application Chat7 Phase 2 Complete: We have discussed your position.
[Denied] Backspace Forums - Moderator Application Uncheck Denied, Please wait a week before applying again.

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