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[Denied] MrTurtle - Ingame Moderator Application Empty [Denied] MrTurtle - Ingame Moderator Application

Post by MrTurtle on Sun Feb 07, 2010 5:19 pm

.:: In-Game Moderator Application ::.

(Copy and Paste this whole Thread when Applying or you will be Automatically Denied)

Title of your Application must be as Followed: Name - Ingame Moderator Application (Example: Evan - Ingame Moderator Application)

Some Information about you
Age:14 I am 1 year under but it shouldn't matter because of my qualities(Must be Above 15 Years or older to Apply)
Location:USA (Just the Country for Security Reasons)
Time spent on LegionPkz Daily:1-4 (Hour Based)
You understand if you Abuse your Powers, you will be demoted and Banned from LegionPkz forums and Ingame?If i abuse my powers i understand they will be stripped and never given back and i will be banned form the server and forums and i promise not to abuse them.

List the players who recommend you to Apply for In-Game Moderator.
Recommendations (List them below, Requirement is 6. The more the better)
Not enough to get 6
1)Noah Iz Ere

Answer these following Questions in Complete Sentences.

Question 1)What do you plan to do as a In-Game Moderator here at LegionPkz?
I plan to help/better the server to the best of my abilities helping others and not just myself. If i do not know the answer to a question i will do the best i can to figure that out to help the person who asked it.

Question 2)When someone gets in a Fight with another player about being scammed, what will your reaction be? I will investigate asking others who may have seen the "Scam" or action take place i will ask some of the victims friend but not all cause it could be a fake just to get items.

Question 3)When you Jail,Mute,Ban,Ipmute,Ipban someone on the Server, you will keep pictures of the reasons why this Power took place? (Yes/No Question) Yes because if i don't they could accuse me a falsely punishing them

Question 4)When you see a Big rule being taken place, what will your reactions be and why this reaction? My reaction will be based on the rule being broken if it is a rule such as duping they will be banned and photo taken of bank and turned in. If it is a small rule such as maybe spamming (not for another server) i will warn them if they don't stop then take further action such as a mute if it continues then and Ip- mute.

Essay Question)Why are you Applying for In-Game Moderator on LegionPkz and Explain Why you would make a Good In-Game Moderator here at LegionPkz? (2 Paragraph Essay, ESSAY FORMAT)

I think i would be a good mod because i am willing to help anyone including the brand new lvl 3s, and i will do the best of my power and ability to help them in anyway possible because if that is not done the server will not be a friendly environment for people to come and relax and hang out with there friends it would make it a place were no one wants to go which is the opposite of my goal.

I also think that my actions can only better the server by doing the best i can to improve anything and everything that is either causing problems or is bugged. By either reporting it to the Owner or one of a higher rank then me i will do the best i can to keep my word on this. I also find that being a new player there arent many people online to help you due to the server being brand new so i think with my consistant online time i could help improve this. Thank you for your time reading this.

- MrTurtle

NOTE: If a Staff Member believes your Essay is incorrect or in wrong Format, you will be given 2 hours to fix it. If it isn't fixed within the 2 hours, you will be Denied.


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[Denied] MrTurtle - Ingame Moderator Application Empty Re: [Denied] MrTurtle - Ingame Moderator Application

Post by Boop on Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:02 pm

[Denied] MrTurtle - Ingame Moderator Application Search Your Moderator application is under review.
[Denied] MrTurtle - Ingame Moderator Application Shield007 Phase 1 Complete: Your password is secure.
[Denied] MrTurtle - Ingame Moderator Application Chat7 Phase 2 Complete: We have discussed your position.
[Denied] MrTurtle - Ingame Moderator Application Uncheck Denied, Please wait a week before applying again.

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